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In this tutorial and free 3ds max model you will learn all the steps on how to set up lights, cameras and photo-realistic rendering settings for an interior scene using 3ds Max and V-Ray 3.0. The tutorial describes all the steps to create a  scene, and all the settings to make a scene at night, for each will vary illumination render settings. The scene of the day will be lit using the VRaySun and RaySky, while the scene at night, will be illuminated with artificial light generated by internal lights and lamps.

The right materials and the light intensity are the key to achieving a photorealistic scene.
The V-Ray Physical Camera will be used to control exposure, since the lights and the camera interact to create the proper intensity of the day or night. The tutorial addresses the right setup to get the right balance between a high-quality rendering with minimal noise and stains, within an acceptable rendering time.


แบบบ้านชั้นเดียว (homeoffice)

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แบบอาคารพาณิชย์ 4 ชั้น

แบบอาคารพาณิชย์ 4 ชั้น (4 storey commercial building) autocad files

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