Free 3ds max interior luxury living room render by vray

3ds max interior luxury living room

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Free 3ds max + Vray luxury living room

The furniture is an essential component of the most beautiful houses and luxury lounges are the central focus of the organization of space. The lounge is the area where we welcome guests, relaxing with family or alone, chatting or watching TV: for its centrality is always thought of as the more welcoming environment and at the same time relaxing. The furniture of the day, as with every room in the home, must be consistent with the chosen style: for those who love luxury you can choose between classic luxury lounges or design lounges. The important thing is to combine all the furniture according to the style and do not overlook any details.

The most beautiful houses of the world are distinguished not only by the external and the architectural structures but also for the interior. Between day environments an important role is played by the kitchen, with ideas and suggestions for decorating with style and elegance such a functional place of the house.

If the kitchen is the “heart”, the lounge is the “mastermind” of the house. The hall is in fact the place where you relax, it is sensible to themselves, entertain friends and family, we are having fun and you live in the house. Thinking about all these functions, the furniture must be a functional part, the other very attentive to the aesthetic side, as the living room is like the business card of the hosts.
For those who love luxury, the choice can be divided into classical or modern lounge. In the former case the furniture stand out for their magnificence and opulence, with pieces of furniture inspired by the past and top quality materials.


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