Free 3dsmax bedroom for dowload

Free 3dsmax bedroom for dowload

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The bedroom: a place of rest and beyond

The bedroom is the environment of the rest, but not only. You can even turn in the dressing room, office or quiet library with a smart decor. We must therefore pay attention to the details to make the environment as comfortable as possible: feel at ease in the midst of a total chromatic or stylistic disaster is quite difficult, so here’s why, first of all, we will cure the style of our bedroom for live it in all its glory.

The bedroom is a sanctuary island but especially from the toils of daily life, a pleasant and refreshing place to “recharge the batteries.” But, as one of the most intimate and private rooms of our house, the bedroom should be a place to reflect their individual preferences, to create the ideal environment that allows you to enjoy a happy and restful sleep.

free 3dsmax bedroom

What are the key elements of the bedroom and what should I take into account while the project this space?

The most important element in the bedroom, as the name implies, is the bed. During sleep it happens that we assume unusual positions, which is why it is important not to save money when it comes to staves or double mattress: back pain should not become a constant daily. The furniture selection is vast, as well as for materials: wood, metal, plastic or colored cloth, however, recommended the choice of vivid colors. White, beige, blue or shades of gray, for example, give a feeling of peace and calm and more easily match the changing colors used for the details. In addition, we must pay particular attention to not only the furnishings, even lighting. If the bedroom welcomes the cabinet, it will require a bright light source. For the pre-sleep reading instead we will use an easily spegnibile bedside lamp lengthening only one arm. For the children’s room, in terms of the ideal spatial functionalization it is the bridge bedroom furniture and bed are then assembled into a single structure. Then there is the aspect of lighting. The light that filters through the windows can be a boring alarm clock, so why not consider the installation of roller shutters or awnings? We might as well enjoy the deserved rest of the weekend without being woken up by annoying morning light.

free 3dsmax bedroom

Where can I find ideas and inspiration for the bedroom?

Colorful, cozy and simple: in our “bedroom” section you can find countless ideas and inspiration on how to decorate the bedroom. There’s something for everyone! The moment you discover a room that you like, with just one click you can add photos to your book of ideas. The Books of Ideas in fact serve to gather inspiration, and any time you can add or delete photos and changing their order. Also, text fields that are predefined in the Books of Ideas allow you to include your own comments to your favorite furniture projects. The Books of Ideas already created are automatically stored in your profile, so you always have all your ideas on the bedroom in plain sight!

The suggestions for decorating the bedroom:

It is always a good idea to plan ahead before making hasty decisions on the bedroom. If you have trouble making an inventory of how the new furniture, why not write down some ideas on paper? For example, draw a bedroom plant will help us to get a clearer picture of the status quo, thus helping us to maximize the space of the room. We can even go further and create a file with some samples, newspaper clippings and impressions about our favorite furniture and accessories, and then place them on a flat surface and see how it can be combined with each other. Also, before you start decorating the bedroom you should check if the color chosen for the walls is what really works best: painting small areas and letting it dry, we would have a small preview of the result.


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How do I make my room comfortable and unique bed?

There are many ways to furnish your bedroom as a unique and comfortable space. The use of colors is an effective method to customize the environment. As mentioned above, the light colors give a sense of serenity. White, easily combined with all, can be used as a base, adding special colored accessories such as linens, mirrors or lamps. For those who want something more special in the decor, the bedroom can become a good compromise between modernity and harmony of the senses.

Which color is more suitable for my bedroom?

When choosing the color palette for the bedroom, you have to think not only the walls and the floor, but also the furniture and even the bedding that we will use. Walls of a simple beige, for example, can be offset by the ebony wood tones and dark fabrics to give the room a fresh and elegant look, or even retro fabrics of bright colors to bring a young and funky design. Whatever the color of the final choice, it is important to remember that in the bedroom they should pursue a decor designed to create a place to sleep, so the overall effect should be restful and conducive to relax.



What kind of equipment should I use in my bedroom?

When talking about possible ideas for the decor of the bedroom it is essential to think what kind of organization we want to give our things, whether to create a walk-in closet in the wall or buy a simple wardrobe. As for the accessories, if our bedroom has a modern look, these should be kept to a minimum. However, just like the hardwood floors, just remember that furniture, carpets and curtains help to block outside noise, thus helping to ensure a night of really relaxing rest in the bedroom, even in a noisy city.

How to decorate a small bedroom?

Before opting for a certain style it is vital to plan what is the spatial distribution best suited to the plant of our bedroom, so you have a comfortable space where you can move when you are not sleeping. neutral and light colors, mirrors and photographs of landscapes help to deceive our eyes, making it larger and visually spacious bedroom. The best ideas are mobile with a touch of modern color and also for creative play down the white dominant in the bedroom.


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