Minimal Art ( Minimalismo )

Minimal art is the main trend in the sixties was the star of the radical change in the artistic climate, characterized by a reduction process of reality, dall’antiespressività, the impersonal, from emotional coldness, from the emphasis sull’oggettualità and physicality of ‘work, reduced to elementary geometric structures. The term was coined in 1965 by the English philosopher Richard Wollheim art in the article entitled, precisely, Minimal Art, within the Arts Magazine. He speaks of “minimal reduction”, but in the sense of the artistic content, in relation to works where objects come into play to limit indistinguishable from everyday reality, or forms and pictures anonymous and impersonal values, citing the one hand the ready made of Duchamp, which are a fundamental point of reference for what concerns the conceptual component of each operation reductionist, and Reinhardt on the other, from which it draws the aspect relating to the reduction of purist painting and his conception of ” art for art ” , aimed to the elimination of all that is perceived as non-essential.

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