Modern wood kitchen (Free 3dsmax models)

Modern wood kitchen

modern wood kitchen

3dsmax render by vray for modern wood kitchen.

“I want the wooden kitchen”: often those who make this claim, simply means that want to furnish their kitchen with “aesthetic wood”, that is, with furniture whose surface finish is or seems wooden. This means that the store which will target will probably be proposed furniture – usually solid or veneered in the classic models in the most modern compositions – both wood effect, that is made with wood panels faced with melamine paper or laminate or polymer. In the first case, the costs are higher while the ennobled allow to contain expenditure.

With regard to the style, the traditional models have doors in frame with embossed profiles that riquadrano the panel, while the most modern compositions are characterized by smooth surfaces, often with throat handles, virtually invisible.
In the first case it is used again the solid (the part obtained from the inside of the tree trunk and subjected to curing in order to obtain a stable product), especially for the doors. The veneer is instead the wooden panel (made of wood particles or medium density fiberboard, MDF, the surface of which is coated by thin sheets of wood, plywood). In the case of real wood, warm and charming, it should verify that it is certified material (ie from forests subject to controlled reforestation) for a reduced environmental impact; same goal with the use of ecological panel in completely recycled wood material, with emission levels of very low formaldehyde, often significantly lower than those permitted by the Italian legislation.

A final distinction must be made on different types of “” wood finish, which can be natural (ie resume the essence of specific tint), treated with a special processing (brushed, smoke, heat-treated) or even painted or lacquered pore open (colored but with visible grain). Even the laminate coating or polymer can “mimic” the look that you get with these different surface finishes.


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