Palaces and ships

Even when the ships were the only way to overcome the seas and large crossings are only made for great luxury and great misery, the architecture sought inspiration among white superstructure and pure volumes -However less decorate- that elevation over the bridge covered. The ships were not only generic evidence of modernity together with airplanes and cars, but, as indicated -in Le Cor busier ‘Towards an architecture, eyes that do not see: The Piroshki’-, industrial products in which you can already recognize elements of the new architecture consists of “simple” books and “surfaces defined by the guidelines of the volumes”. Maid in three hundred and sixty degrees, so that the Congress of the C.I.A.M. 1933 took place “on a beautiful ship, the Paris II, a cruise from Marseilles to Athens.” In those years, well past the ideal inspirations, however, in building practice, in the wake of a widespread desire to “dress sailor”, he stated the most Mediterranean of the Italian fashion that buildings that resemble the ships, they featureless weight resumed and formal features. So buildings that aspiration purist, preserved a generic simplification resulted in a new form of decoration, the naval model espoused horizontal tubular balustrades, edges and rounded corners, the unequivocal origin portholes. The people of navigators was also served on the mainland.

Today, ships, steamships and transatlantic liner no longer ply the seas, large cruise ships seem to want to return the courtesy. Pacific Princess Love Boating beginning was Love Boat. It was not clear, in Italy the romantic rhythm of Little Tony’s voice, though it was just a very happy TV show or a nice advertisement for a cruise company. Then the phenomenon has exploded and now if you think of a ship, before the eyes of you passes a cruise. The wave of the explosion in consumption has changed the style of the ship. We can assume four phases of this transformation. First phase, the Love Boat times. The Pacific Princess of Princess Cruises ship in which was set the famous TV show, looked still much to those referred to by Le Cor busier, still responding to the classic division of the hull and decks. Second phase, in 1990, at the time the architectural times. Guido Canal design the renovation of a container port to obtain a cruise ship. In Coats Marina architectural elements come into play much to characterize the style of the ship. The stern of the Coats Marina would, without changes, maybe just a Latina the symmetries, in her beautiful look great in urban scene. But it is mainly the idea of space, and the relationship between inside and outside, that put into play the famous promenade Le Cor busier, to constitute a field virtually unexplored, architectural hybridization of the ship.


Third phase, 1990 at Dolphin times. Reno Piano, placing itself strictly modern perspective (Le Cor busier, too) of the designer, plans to redesign the idea of the ship as if it were any material object with a shape emotionally connected to its function. Starting from a dolphin profile ends up perhaps draw the most beautiful ship of our times: the Crown Princess long 246 meters to 1,590 passengers. If it were not for the bow and the funnels -a part that moves and buoyancy of the passenger ship style before he left with little. But above all, and gone the clear differentiation between the hull and deck: a single starboard side runs continuously from the surface of the water on the top deck, with lines softly filleted, from the bow to the extreme aft area.

Fourth stage, the floating palaces times. Once the type of the new cruise ship, with the contribution of innovation in architectural derivation that has rationalized the use of spaces and volumes, has been developed, the project can go back firmly in the hands of marketers, to the benefit of operating profits. After all, the simple elegance of the Crown Princess design and simplicity of the interior with spatial inventions of the Coats Marina are not perfectly matched with the cultural type and aesthetic preferences of the average cruise passenger. The latest generation of -gigantic cruise ships of 100,000 tons more than 300 meters long with elegant architecture resemble floating condos -better still, to allegiance- hotels complete with private balconies, and internal petrodollars style. Cruise ship lounge Cruise Ship






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